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    Published 13 days ago
    Journey To The Crown

    Journey To The Crown

    What does tomorrow bring? I thought to myself as I realized my mother was gone. Gone? Yeap gone. Never to exist except for in my memories and silly reminders. Like her favorite tv shows “Ellen” and “Steve Harvey”. To be honest I’m not sure if she would have been on this earth as long as she was without those two shows after being diagnosed. They kept her laughing, smiling, and breathing through it all. So, what does tomorrow bring? I’m not sure. I sat there in disbelief. Blanket draped over my shoulders. I never felt so cold and vulnerable. It was done. She left. I knew cancer had not taken her from me but rather a decision she made. A part of me felt relieved, it had been a grueling 11 months. I was tired, she was tired, we all were tired. But what does tomorrow bring for me? What lies ahead? I am motherless.