Trai Hawthorne

Me name be Trai. Content ranging from poetry; to short-stories, some blogging, etc. Click around and browse! I like to write for the creative thrill of expression! Hope you enjoy!

 #poetic #creative #brainstorm

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The Whys
8 days ago
The whys, and why’s for the wise. Despite my unfaithful plea of thoughts that scar me and were fair to me, you know you don’t gotta rely on me. Or reply to me. You don’t gotta face me, you could even ...
Mirrorly Timid
8 days ago
I took the pain of life as lashes to the back, stabbing of the neck, freezing of the hands, and low worth to the heart. My spark was gone. I see it in others and became jealous and wanted to be rebell...
Kiss Me
8 days ago
Kiss me, please right on my cheek It makes me smile and rosy I look like a peach, wide and round Ripe, sweet, and tart. Kiss me, please don’t wait I wanna make it home on time to watch my show I get t...
Healing Ain't Easy
3 months ago
“Going through a healing ain't easy. So many suppressed emotions, unwanted feelings, heavy heart, heavy breathing, fearing the anxiety will take me over. Feel like I'm going insane and off my game. I ...
5 months ago
“To be vital, and nourished. To view life at its purest. No definite title for the objective view, a thousand words and sounds to give anything close to a clue of what is true. I lie cause the truth h...
Redemption Father
5 months ago
Face to face with an initiate of faith and praise, proposing a memory of the time when the ruler was cooler than this desirable place I can’t remember the origin, but personally knew it. A special att...