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Luxury Fashion Labels: The Good, the Bad and the Discriminatory
a month ago
It probably won't be shocking, or even remotely surprising, when I tell you that there are different attitudes regarding black-owned, and white-owned luxury fashion labels. Whilst white-owed brands ar...
How to Manifest the Life You Truly Desire
2 months ago
Manifestation is a practice that can often be compared to the Law of Attraction; the often spiritual essence of manifestation teaches us that the energies that we exert can often return to us in the f...
How to Be More Sustainable When Traveling
4 months ago
As awareness surrounding global warming increases, it's natural that more of us are becoming more conscious of our carbon footprint, and the impact on the Earth that we are personally responsible for....
How to Be Classy & Elegant
5 months ago
Many people have different ideas on what it means to be classy. I believe class is a combination of two things: The sophisticated nature of elegance and the traditional sense of etiquette. Coming acro...
Here's How You Can Spoil Yourself This Valentine's Day
5 months ago
You may think it's rather peculiar when I tell you that I absolutely LOVE Valentine's Day, but I'm not so keen on the idea of being in a relationship. Whilst I wouldn't consider myself to be a "relati...
Here's Why Dieting Isn't Bad Practice
6 months ago
It was recently brought to my attention, that I see dieting in a completely different way to just about anyone else in my life. I’d been told that diet is a bad word and a bad practice. Of course arou...