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    Published 20 days ago
    Venturing into Terra-Incognita

    Venturing into Terra-Incognita

    As I sit in my room while we are in the midst of a global pandemic that has devoured thousands of people across the globe, my mind wanders off to the days when we were free enough to travel across the globe and have adventures. I am not sure what the future holds for me in the post-covid era so I want to utilize this time to write about my travel experience to Europe. This was my first time traveling alone and it was an exciting experience. The solo-travel inspiration came from a friend who traveled alone before and booking a tour group to do it came from another concerned friend who feared for my safety. I felt safer booking a tour that made all the arrangements as a first-time solo traveler. I grew up in many cities as my parents were always moving across the country. A predominant part of my childhood memories consists of packing, unpacking, moving, adjusting to a different climate-culture-people and then bidding them adieu as if my entire life was teaching me to let go. To some, it was a broken childhood and to some, it was a life full of new experiences but to me, it was all I had. What I really wanted in life was to escape, to dream, to do more, to be more and travel all the distant and friendly lands. This felt like my chance to live my dream, so off I went to London.