Teresa Marangon

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Adventures of a Bride-to-Be: Chapter 4
8 days ago
Hello readers! As I mentioned before, there are a few things I am excited about my wedding and its preparation. The very first one was the photographer. The second thing I am excited about is the webs...
Water Lantern Festival
15 days ago
Hello readers, this past weekend I decided to leave my house and to go the Water Lantern Festival held in Mount Trashmore Park down in Virginia Beach. I originally saw the advertisement for it on Inst...
What to Expect When Adopting a Senior Dog
20 days ago
When adopting a dog, many people tend to contact the local breeder and/or the local pet store to check on the available puppies. Others might go to the local animal shelter and wander around the kenne...
Adventures of a Bride-to-Be: Chapter 3
22 days ago
Since my last post I can officially say that I faced one of the tasks that I was avoiding: finding/trying/and buying THE dress. Originally, I was supposed to go with my maid of honor on a weekend I wa...
Adventures of a Bride-to-Be: Chapter 2
a month ago
I closed my first post saying that there are many things I am excited about my wedding and its planning. The very first thing I was and still am excited about it is the wedding photographer. Photograp...
Why I Choose Adoption Over Purchasing
a month ago
Hello readers, My name is Teresa and I am the proud pawrent of three beautiful fur babies/rescues: Pops, Lily, and Cooper. And to be honest, I am truly blessed to have them in my family. Lily is appro...