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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Reason First: Should Someone Who Knows Something Behind DJ Official's Murder Talk?
a month ago
It’s time to snitch. In the wake of DJ Official’s shooting death, it is the appropriate hour for people to start naming names, and telling on these savages. Such brutes ought to be discovered and brou...
Reason First: Can Social Media Save OJ Simpson's Image?
a month ago
OJ Simpson is looking like he never had a double homicide charge against him or served nearly a decade for robbery. All of this, of course, is allegedly orchestrated propaganda to boost the former NFL...
Reason First: Should Lil' Durk Start Snitching?
a month ago
Rather than shooting videos, Durk has allegedly been seen shooting in a video with a firearm. Among the other charges including criminal intent to commit murder, aggravated assault, possession of a fi...
Reason First: Is Chris Brown a Certified Simp?
a month ago
Things just aren’t the same for wannabe gangsters. Chris “Pimp C” Brown (or is it Simp C?) has made headlines again. This time it is not for any domestic violence case. No, this time around, the “Deuc...
Reason First: Rapper Key Glock Avoided the Penal System... Now What?
a month ago
The trappings of the rap game include mostly carnal urges, firearms, and the persistent chase of banknotes. Such topics have fueled the genre for decades. Rapper Key Glock is no different in his expre...
Reason First: Will UK Rapper Nines' Attack Signal an End to Gangs Across the Globe?
a month ago
Some say that the world is a gang. This may be true as gangs have risen to places all over the globe in expression of the lowest rungs of tribalism. UK rapper Nines sustained lacerations in the face d...