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Shooting Funds
10 months ago
The Treasury’s own Policy is like A money gun. It Spits out currency Not to enhance the Economy, but Alter it somehow. This remains only The hallmark of a Country that wants to Be mixed. It seeks to Be free and controlled. Freeing up the realm Of monetary Conditions allows The nation to know The freedom to live. To right the office Of the Treasury Would usher in a Time of liberty That would permit the Lowest beggar on The corner to see Opportunities To gain wealthiness. So as bureaucrats Mess wi...
Keen Viewpoints
10 months ago
It’s good to know the Proper way to look At the market. The Best thing to do is To see it as a Philosophical Formation. From the Metaphysical To the aesthetic, One should activate One’s mind and seek ...
Like a Blending
10 months ago
The merger of two Companies is like A marriage. But it’s More like a blending Of families. Both Of The firms have kids. In order to keep The family from Warring and fighting, Guidelines are drawn up To ensure that the Process is as smooth As possible. The Money that is made From the business deal Floods down through the right Channels. The mergers And acquisitions Element of the Free market signals That cash can still flow Into the accounts Of all those involved. The billions that rise Up when c...
The Sole Individual
10 months ago
Nothing is greater Than myself. These groups, Military, and Otherwise are much Older than I. They Comprise of other Personnel, but they Are not greater than I. Without the sole Individual To make up a troop, There exists no set. I am a tree in A woodland and a Grain of sand in the Desert: the single Unit that makes up The greater picture. Before I could be Considered a Force Fighting for freedom; A Corps combatting Corruption; Armies Ready to make war; Sailors sending bombs; Guardsman protecting...
Institution of Rights
10 months ago
When a government Becomes the master And the people, slaves, Then that is when the Institution of Rights ought to be viewed. A framework to the Constitution would Need to be in place. Like designers who fashion the clothes and Tidy up threadbare Facets of garments, Individuals Would then highlight the Portions of papers That showcase freedom. Whatever is worn Or tattered, it can Be made new again. Such governments that Take for granted the Liberty of the People require Fresh starts. That means t...
Let That Be the Case
10 months ago
To allow someone Into your business Means that you sanction Their morality. If you only let Yellow women who Stand on their hands and Juggle with their feet, Then that is your right. If you want to bar A Black man from a Burger at your joint, So be it. Let the Freedom to judge be That. If you want to Be stupid and dumb About how you run Your enterprise, then Let that be the case. You must expect the People to boycott, Critique online, and By word-of-mouth say That you are racist. So, you’re gay ...