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Like a Picture Now Showing
15 days ago
As an audience sits to watch the screen, Every attentive eye awaits the light. There’s no rewind, pause, or stop of each scene. In the theater, the flicker takes flight. Like a picture now showing, th...
Reason First: Has the Government Broken Mark Zuckerberg?
16 days ago
It’s a shame to see one of the youngest, brightest minds in charge stoop to a level of a pushover. Residue from the pressure that Congress issued out against Mr. Mark Zuckerberg drove him to pen his l...
Elegy for the Prolific Nipsey Hussle, Who Was About His Business
17 days ago
As shots rang outside of the store that he owned, the late Ermias Davidson Asghedom, better known as Nipsey Hussle, represented the Young Black Entrepreneur. Through the channel of hip hop, Nipsey Hus...
Reason First: The Idea of the First Date in the Digital Age
18 days ago
What separates men from males in romantic relationships is the fact that there must be a level of spine and testicular fortitude to match the woman’s femininity. In order to achieve this balance, it i...
Reason First: Can 'Swatting' Lead to Murder?
19 days ago
It’s all fun and games until someone is gunned down on their own property. In the vicious would be prank known as “swatting,” or calling false emergencies on other people’s homes, a male named Tyler B...
Reason First: Is Shotti Way out of Line or on the Right Path When It Comes to His Opinion of Tekashi69?
20 days ago
Though the YouTube video of the conversation between Shotti and DJ Pvnch is no longer available, the fallout from the talks has rung through the corners of the Internet like a church bell. Former mana...