I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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A Near High-Tech Lynching
20 days ago
On a dusty road lined with trees, in Lewes, Delaware the moon’s glow permitted thirty-three-year-old Phillips Colby an added amount of light that his smartphone provided. His skin looked like coffee g...
Mohammad's Descent
22 days ago
Two figures stood atop a skyscraper in Wilmington, Delaware. One man saw action as a reconnaissance (RECON) Marine and had been retired for fifteen years. The other figure, Mohammad, stood covered in ...
Their Own Selfish Lives Part II: Careerism
23 days ago
Judge Advocate General, Lieutenant General Larca Wells sat down in her leather chair. Major General Magdalene McCorkell and Lieutenant Colonel Hendra Rizzano stood rigid at the position of attention. ...
Their Own Selfish Lives
24 days ago
At an outpost in Dover, Delaware on the Dover Air Force Base, two female officers of the United States Marine Corps met one morning in April. She entered with swift movements. She stood at attention i...
W as in Whiskey
25 days ago
The barracks room sparkled. Every piece of furniture that could shine gleamed. Lance Corporal Hinton Knoll, aged 22, and Private First Class Corbin Volta, aged 21, looked back at their labor like a co...
Mohammad's Sack
a month ago
Sand whipped up to the sky. Carried by the wind, the granules struck at the faces of the people of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that June afternoon. Mayor Zach Xander addressed his constituency. “Now, eve...