I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Focused on Winning
9 days ago
Like a needle penetrating the skin, The spacecraft enters the orbit and more. All of the astronauts prepare within. There are great bits of grit that each must store. Each woman and man reaches for ga...
The Spectacle
11 days ago
Screams through passages like all of the ghosts Brings to the mind the treasures and riches. Every word fills in the thoughts as the hosts All of the actions might still have glitches. To zoom through...
11 days ago
I’m in no rush to correct the rock gods But big money most certainly has soul. Just think of all of the different odds. Cash moves with proficiency as a whole. The digital sphere has poured gas on all...
The Big Black Truck
12 days ago
As it drove and rumbled with hungry breath, All of the laws had been changed for the good. It was enveloped in the shade of death. Pistons fired like guns under the hood. Each regulation had vanished ...
More Than Communion
13 days ago
Delaware has legs and she is walking. The state just takes steps across the bridges. As she ambles, she is steady talking. Her gait is like horses on the ridges. Diminutive in size, she never does Res...
The Beautiful Win
14 days ago
Her entire being is shrouded in Danger. She walks with a sense that would say That she is primed for the beautiful win. Never does she linger too long and stay. Her angular dimensions reflect all Buil...