I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Mohammad's Frying
14 days ago
His name tag simply read, “Mo.” His assistant manager said that it was unprofessional and that he should be wearing the “Mohammad” name tag that she printed out for him. He disobeyed her authority. Bu...
It Is Well
15 days ago
Great plumes of smoke escaped from one of the tanks at chemical company Hylan, Inc. in Wilmington, Delaware. Dark figures scurried off into the night. This October evening brought with it it’s own ton...
Mohammad's Collision
16 days ago
The day of the Chinese Lunar New Year in 2031—the Year of the Pig—the prophet Mohammad stopped by the Super Kitchen Chinese restaurant in Bear, Delaware, no less. The snow outside fell lightly, making...
Choker Chain
17 days ago
Niso Quan, 20 and buoyant, walked down the street. It was the middle of the night in May. His chain wrapped around his neck like slave apparel. He listened to his music via his smartphones and earbuds...
For His Self-Interest
18 days ago
Pickup trucks by the dozens bombarded the gates. Personnel guarding those premises fell by gunfire and rocket-propelled grenade attacks. Barriers moved out of the way of the trucks once the men had em...
Let the Machine Activate
19 days ago
A rain fell on the Marine outpost at the Dover Air Force Base, in Dover Delaware. Night had fallen and the rain came down in steady sheets. Corporals Regina Marigold and Shana Fisker sat in a duty veh...