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Dimensions of the Work
5 days ago
Pain, but not too much, raced through his being. Like drops of blood in his memory, he Could look with strength beyond any seeing. The dimensions of the work screamed to be. The exquisite anguish of c...
Virgo Orange
6 days ago
The speed of the black hole as it nears light Remained no match for astrophysicists Who snapped the shot of the Virgo orange, bright. Their thorough work stood as the blessed gist. Surrounded by an or...
Mind Mates
6 days ago
Bonded together, two brains meet and touch. Love is like a bee’s dance on a flower. It takes very little, never too much. The finding of a mind mate is power. The blooming violets and roses boast In t...
Steam Rises
8 days ago
Scientists lift up the Petri dishes. Technologists employ thought and a clue. Engineers just bypass on the wishes. Artists recreate reality, too. Mathematicians grasp the concepts of Working out the p...
The Batter Holds
8 days ago
The muzzle velocity is like cake. It’s a dish that is eaten at a speed That approaches a dessert that must bake. To digest the round would satisfy needs. As it soars through the air, the batter holds....
"I Got 5 On It": The Top Five Reasons Why 'Us' Is a Modern Day Masterpiece
8 days ago
'Us,' (2019) is Jordan Peele's 'Late Registration' (2005). Like Kanye West did over a decade ago, Peele avoids the sophomore jinx with equal measures of bravura and aplomb.