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I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Reason First: Should Newly Released Oklahoman Corey Atchison Be Bitter?
16 hours ago
Wrongfully convicted individuals must face a new day. While some harbor animosity and anger for the years that they stayed under the watchful eye of the law, people like Tulsa Oklahoma native Corey At...
Crossing into Liberty
2 days ago
The white phone matched the gray, peeling walls that surrounded the bevy of women waiting to talk on the phone. The day seemed normal, inmates milled about, yearning for the chance to talk with their ...
Reason First: Should Romantic Relationships Be Built on Money?
2 days ago
The business of relationships is what is at stake here. A multibillion-dollar industry seeks to tweak and control the dating habits, social mores, and ethics of human relationships. In this latest all...
Reason First: Is Cyberbullying a Boon for R. Kelly's Daughter?
5 days ago
Let us first define our terms. The concept of the cult of negativity means that the vicious speech and actions that have been a part of humankind since its inception should be used to motivate and enl...
Reason First: Is Cardi B the Greatest Rapper of the 2010's?
5 days ago
The rap arena is flooded with figures. In this age of “I want it now!” female rappers, especially, must contend with their fellow female rappers as well as male MCs quicker and with more verve. They o...
Reason First: Were Tupac and Madonna the Ultimate Couple in Popular Music History?
7 days ago
With her worn out body and waning importance in the sphere of modern music, Madonna no longer has the rights to the letter that slain rapper and actor Tupac penned for her while he was still incarcera...