I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life. Instagram: @skylerized


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Race Day Calls
12 hours ago
Carbon fiber and rubber are phantoms. This group is like an individual, Where mind and body must learn to fathom. There is no room for gas tanks or fuel. Bone, muscle, and brains must power this thing...
Those That Fell
2 days ago
The fallen three had lives to live also Their time in the fleet whispered that they could Reach lives by advancing in rank, follow. That same song echoed with them as it should. How many jokes did the...
Peck, Peck
3 days ago
The fight for a nation is the reason For a scrappy lot of gamecocks that made The First State resonate in all seasons. The legend will never ever just fade. The gamecocks strut, their feathers like po...
Word Strength
3 days ago
What makes the movement of the rap artist So profound is his or her own word strength. To be among the able and smartest, Each one commands the stage and goes the length. They take on the songs and ma...
What a Child Sees
4 days ago
The emperor has no clothes on, now. But who cares? As long as trinkets they cast No one but a young child has the know how To speak out against lies and request mast. Everyone can see that he is naked...
5 days ago
He lifted his voice like weights in a gym Greatness oozed from him at an early age. Each of his lyrics are like ghetto hymns. To uplift himself from off of the page. His walk was righteous and in conc...