I am a forever young, ego-driven, radical hipster.  Investor. Objectivist for life.

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Does T.I. Stand for the Intellectual?
13 hours ago
There once was a Douglass High School principal in Atlanta, Georgia who encouraged his students to employ a sophisticated vocabulary in their speech. He walked the hallways like a southern Joe Louis C...
Is Troy Ave Better Than Drake?
2 days ago
The rap world is fractured. On different planes, you have a Pulitzer Prize-winning act like Kendrick Lamar and on the other you have energetic and rambunctious figures like Soulja Boy still holding it...
Firm, but Not Crushing
3 days ago
Steel and glass enveloped the building in Wilmington, Delaware. A young COO named Kholer Ingot entered the skyscraper with energy and readiness. He possessed a chestnut skin tone and a flattop hairsty...
The United States' Perfection
4 days ago
Presidents’ Day is meant for reflection. There’s time to contemplate on the men who Have lead the United States’ perfection. But great Presidents, there have been too few. Commanders-in-chief like Was...
World Aflame
5 days ago
Vespucciland and brand reigned at the fashion shows. The Wilmington, Delaware based company set the tone for other fashion houses. Its head designer, Trill von Caseman had dreamed up the idea of the f...
Mohammad's Last Fight
6 days ago
The stands in Wilmington, Delaware this June night surrounding the square ring buzzed with anticipation. Big time rollers with enough cash to don designer duds and glittering jewelry showed up on web ...