Skylar Abdeljalil

I like a lot of things; gaming, cooking, reading, and podcasts, amongst others. I also like telling people about things that I like.

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5 Amazing Online Tools for D&D Enthusiasts
a month ago
Dungeons and Dragons (which I'm shortening to D&D from here on in) has been around for decades, ever since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson published their original box in 1974. Back then, it was all pen t...
Going Punk: A Writer's Guide to the Punk Side of Sci-Fi
2 months ago
When you hear the word "punk," what do you think of? Hoodlums on skateboards? Or maybe a kid wearing black eyeliner and their bangs all swept over one eye? Punk means different things to different peo...
'Stardew Valley' Multiplayer: The Beginning of a Beautiful Adventure
3 months ago
Stardew Valley is one of the hottest casual farming games for PC. Welcome to Pelican Town, an idyllic place settled in lush Stardew Valley. You've inherited a farm from your late grandfather, and can ...
Four Theories About Why Vampires Hate Garlic
3 months ago
Vampires are one of the world's most feared supernatural creatures. These cunning predators have only one desire; to feast on the blood of humans. And, Twilight notwithstanding, they're terrifyingly g...
7 Abandoned Asylums That Are Definitely Haunted
4 months ago
The abandoned asylum is the quintessential horror movie setting; crumbling buildings where humanity's most helpless members were shut away, abused, neglected, and experimented on. Quite a few of these...
13 Horrifying Incidents That Happened at Disney Parks
4 months ago
Disney parks have long been the epitome of childhood dreams. Wondrous rides and attractions, photo-ops with beloved characters, and a plethora of parades and shows make Disney a place where innocence ...