Skylar Abdeljalil

I like a lot of things; gaming, cooking, reading, and podcasts, amongst others. I also like telling people about things that I like.

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Polybius: The Birth of a Video Game Legend
2 months ago
Urban legends are an integral part of childhood. We have monsters under our beds, and witches who live in abandoned houses. Some locales have more specific legends—Mothman in Point Pleasant, VA, or Og...
5 Rules for Submitting to Literary Magazines
2 months ago
So you've written something; congratulations! You have produced something beautiful from nothing, and you're now ready to share it with the world. So... what now? Well, now it's time to find a place t...
The Making of a Monster: Jason Voorhees
3 months ago
Friday the 13th is arguably one of the most iconic, well-known horror franchises ever created. The centerpiece for this franchise is, of course, Jason Voorhees - the king of all psycho killers. Though...
5 Horror Movies for the Age of the App
3 months ago
Nowadays, there's an app for everything. Apps for getting food, apps for finding taxis, apps for making friends and talking to friends you've already got. Apps to make your dog look like he talks. App...
The Top 10 Asian Horror Movies to Binge this Halloween
4 months ago
Along with manga, music, and fashion, horror movies are one of Asia's main cultural exports. With different censorship laws, different legends to draw from, and unique cinematic styles, Asian horror m...
5 Amazing Online Tools for D&D Enthusiasts
7 months ago
Dungeons and Dragons (which I'm shortening to D&D from here on in) has been around for decades, ever since Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson published their original box in 1974. Back then, it was all pen t...