Sigmund Fried

Not his real name, but he wishes it was. Wasted, waxing philosophical.

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Can Cannabis Oil Cure Cancer?
3 years ago
With the legalization movement finally starting to make some headway globally, more and more claims are being made about the therapeutic properties of the world's most controversial plant, cannabis. B...
Stoat and His Philosophy
3 years ago
One thundery, slate-grey day in the Piney Woods, the fox and the toad were seated in the fox's den, awaiting the arrival of their bridge opponents, the badger and the rat. "I hate this kind of weather...
Growing Sweet Sensimilla Bud
3 years ago
Up in the misty canyons of the Sierra Nevada, the word is sinsemilla. The pot that’s hand-tended and carefully watched through the growing season is the finest domestic smoke you can find, if you can ...
How to Make Hash Oil
3 years ago
Ever since marijuana was first discovered, cultivated, and ingested a few thousand years ago, people have strived to find stronger and more concentrated forms of the drug. Hash is one such potent prep...
History of Cannabis
3 years ago
The marijuana you smoke may already be legal, if courts listen to the most current botanical information, the argument goes like this. By present federal law, marijuana is defined as one particular pl...
History of the Marijuana Lab Mouse
3 years ago
Nobody says you have to sit Shiva, but it's sad when the mouse you got high eventually dies. The laboratory mouse is like a small friend. Mammal of the Rodentia classification, bred specifically for s...