Sharlene Alba

Full of raw and unfiltered fluid poems, short stories and prompts on love, sex, relationships and life. I also review haircare, skincare and other beauty products. Instagram: grungefirepoetry fleekonabudget Facebook: grungefirepoetry 

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The Cabin
a year ago
The snow began to form a barricade around the cabin. There was no way out until morning, when the howling wind stopped, and the sun began to melt the snow. For now, they were stuck with only a few log...
Midnight Ride
a year ago
He was the kind of man that exuded sex. From the soft and damp dirty blonde hair that I loved to tug while his tongue explored my mouth, to the firm and tender thighs that always quivered when my mout...
Valentine's Night
a year ago
The hour was late when she stepped into the empty train car. Or, at least, she thought it was empty. The sound of someone clearing their throat caused her to look to her right as she sat down, crossin...
The Cowgirl: Part 2
a year ago
All of the lights in her apartment were off with the exception of small white scented candles. But she smiled as she placed her black stilettos on the floor and followed the path filled with yellow tu...
The Cowgirl
a year ago
The charity event was starting to get dull. Everyone was either sitting on the sidelines and looking around awkwardly, or just simply pretending to laugh at some joke with a glass of champagne in thei...
This is Our Love
a year ago
This is our love, a running mouth, a burning gaze, and just a pinch of genuine curiosity. That's how you get to me. I'll never witness such resilience in the reflection of your honey colored eyes, unl...