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Do Age Differences Really Matter?
5 months ago
We’ve all heard the saying “Age is just a number,” and nothing is farther from the truth. I’ve met 90-year-olds with more energy and zest for life than many 18-year-olds. You really are "only as old a...
What to Do When You Get Ghosted
5 months ago
Today, the term “Ghosting” has nothing to do with the supernatural. The Urban Dictionary defines Ghosting as “the act of suddenly ceasing all communication with someone the subject is dating, but no l...
How To Really Move on from Breakups
5 months ago
Breakups are heart wrenchingly painful, but they are essential to helping us grow as human beings. Some people come into our lives to help us learn something about ourselves. Other times it’s to work ...
What Is Commitment Phobia?
5 months ago
Today it seems as if almost everyone is afraid of committing to a relationship. I hear a variety of excuses: a past broken heart, losing half of your possessions in a nasty divorce, or experiencing th...
How To Achieve True Intimacy in Your Relationship
5 months ago
Upon hearing the word intimacy, most people’s minds jump to sexual intercourse. However, physical intimacy is just one part of that. Like the tip of an iceberg, there’s so much more to intimacy hidden...
The Games We Play Aren't Healthy and Here's Why
5 months ago
It seems that everyone is playing games these days. I’m constantly hearing from both men and women that they are tired of playing games. But what if it isn’t really a game for someone in particular—ju...