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Hi, my name is Rebecca J. Brock and I'm an Intuitive Dating and Relationship Coach. My mantra is: YOU deserve to have LOVE in your LIFE! To get advice, send me an email: [email protected]

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How To Achieve True Intimacy in Your Relationship
4 months ago
Upon hearing the word intimacy, most people’s minds jump to sexual intercourse. However, physical intimacy is just one part of that. Like the tip of an iceberg, there’s so much more to intimacy hidden...
The Games We Play Aren't Healthy and Here's Why
4 months ago
It seems that everyone is playing games these days. I’m constantly hearing from both men and women that they are tired of playing games. But what if it isn’t really a game for someone in particular—ju...
Is It Better to Give or Receive?
4 months ago
With the holiday season quickly approaching, there is one thing on everyone’s mind: gift-giving. That brings us to the all-important question: Is it better to give or to receive? My answer is…both! In...
Reasons Why Gold Diggers Are Bad for Relationships
4 months ago
Gold Diggers are everywhere these days. The dictionary defines a Gold Digger as a woman “who becomes or tries to become romantically involved with a rich man in order to get money and gifts from him.”...
Is Power Play in a Relationship Worth It?
4 months ago
Power is defined as the ability or right to control people or things. We’ve all heard the saying "he wears the pants" to refer to a man who basically holds all the "power" in a relationship. But I alw...
Why Communication Is Key in a Relationship
4 months ago
Good communication is the basis of any healthy relationship. Whether you are talking or listening, both are equally important. Men and women communicate in different ways, but it’s clear that for any ...