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Want to Date Your Dream Girl?
7 months ago
6 Ways to Get a Date with Her
Tips for Navigating Swipe Culture
7 months ago
If you’re somewhat new to the singles scene, you may have noticed that everyone seems to be swiping, not dating. Welcome to the new swipe happy dating culture! I’ve been divorced for more than a decad...
Why Emotional Intimacy Is So Important in Any Relationship
7 months ago
As sex gets easier to find, real love gets harder to find. Our current swipe happy culture has made finding a true connection with another human being akin to finding a needle in a haystack. Although ...
How To Deal with Bromancers
7 months ago
As I write these words, the dating world gets more confusing by the minute. At times I myself think about throwing in the towel, but then I remember that that goes against everything I believe about l...
Why Cushioning May Be a Good Thing
8 months ago
For those of you who have been religiously reading my column for the past three years (thank you!), you may have noticed my cynical turn for the worst. Even us so called dating “experts” are pained to...
What to Do When You Realize You and Your Partner Have Chemistry
8 months ago
Chemistry is defined as a strong attraction between two people. But when asked to explain the how and why of sexual attraction, many are left scratching their heads. One thing I know for sure is that ...