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Hi, my name is Rebecca J. Brock and I'm an Intuitive Dating Coach. My mantra is: YOU deserve to have LOVE in your LIFE! To get advice, send me an email: [email protected]. Sign up

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10 Ways to Get a Man to Approach YOU
4 months ago
Back in the olden days, it was considered inappropriate for a woman to approach a man and express interest/ask him out. So, if a woman was interested in a man, she would drop her handkerchief, thereby...
Why Being Honest Is Crucial to Finding LOVE
6 months ago
I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying: “Honesty is the best policy.” This statement is especially true when it comes to dating and relationships. How can you truly get to know someone if they’re not sp...
Can a Woman Make the First Move?
6 months ago
You might be surprised by my answer!
3 Things That Lead to Heartbreak
7 months ago
One of my most important functions as a dating and relationship coach is to help people get over heartbreak. Before I can help anyone find the love of their life, it’s crucial that they truly let go o...
3 Signs It's Time to Walk Away
7 months ago
I think we've all been there. In some sort of quasi-relationship, but plagued with the thoughts that maybe this isn't the right person for you, and you're thinking about ending the relationship. Walking away from a relationship, even if there was never any talk of commitment, can be a very difficult decision, and can be heart wrenchingly painful. You may really care about this person, but maybe you just don't feel like you're in love or maybe the situation has stagnated. You may also be really a...
How to Prepare for Love
7 months ago
If you're struggling to find a suitable partner, or if you keep attracting the same types of people that just aren't right for you, then it's time to take a big step back and go within. Oftentimes our subconscious mind has been programed (through our upbringing and experiences), and this "blueprint" is what is pushing love away from you. These blocks need to be removed before you can find true love. You owe it to yourself and to your future love to do the internal work that is necessary in order...