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Hi, my name is Rebecca J. Brock and I'm an Intuitive Dating Coach. My mantra is: YOU deserve to have LOVE in your LIFE! To get advice, send me an email: [email protected]. Sign up

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3 Things You Can Do That Will Instantly Make You Happy
a month ago
As I write these words, I'm still completely overwhelmed with grief over the loss of my dear son, Sammy. He died one day before his 16th birthday. This tragedy began when he had gotten locked out of m...
Are You Being Haunted by an Ex?
a month ago
As if modern dating weren’t confusing enough, now we have a whole new vernacular to decipher. First, there was “ghosting.” For those of you new to my blog, ghosting is when a person cuts off all commu...
6 Things ALL Women Should Know About MEN
2 months ago
To inquire about hiring me as your dating coach, send me an email here. I've been trying to figure out boys since I was a young girl. I grew up with only one sister, so the absence of a brother to hel...
Five Ways to Apply the Law of Attraction to Your Love Life
3 months ago
To hire me as your love coach, send me an email here. Now, first things first, if you're not familiar with the Law of Attraction, it's the belief that positive thoughts are magnets for positive life e...
3 Things a Man Does That a Woman Misreads as Him Liking Her
3 months ago
To inquire about hiring me as your dating coach, email me here. I totally get it. Being single and putting yourself out there isn't easy! You risk getting rejected or falling in love and him not feeli...
6 Things to Consider Before You Give Someone a Second Chance
4 months ago
To hire me as your dating coach, click here. Everyone knows one of those couples who always seems to be breaking up and then getting back together. People like this seem to thrive on drama, the circul...