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Just a small town girl trying to refine her writing. If you like something I post, feel free to tip me! It would really help motivate me to keep writing. 

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Tips for a DIY Wedding
a year ago
Planning a wedding is one of the most enthralling but stressful thing someone can go through. Most people hire a wedding planner to help them, while others DIY the whole thing. For those who do it the...
When A Woman Walks
a year ago
When a woman walks with confidence, you see it. You see it in the smile on her face, the swing of her hips. She expresses herself through her newfound wit, and you see the genuine smile on her lips. M...
Friendly Issues
a year ago
When you make a new friend, it's a wonderful feeling. You learn new things and have new experiences with this friend, expanding your mind to possibilities, opportunities, hobbies, and more. You usuall...
My Siberian Husky
a year ago
Siberian Huskies are some of the most elegant and majestic dogs around. The way they run brings about fierceness and strength to their stature. However, despite these facts, Huskies are also some of t...
'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild'—2017's Game of the Year
a year ago
If you missed the game awards the other night, and haven't heard yet: SURPRISE! 'Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' got Game of the Year! The series also brought home the Best Game Direction and Bes...
Why Hair Is Much More Important Than It Seems
a year ago
Hair: people usually have a love-hate relationship with it. To some people, it's whatever or a nuisance. Personally, my hair has always been important to me. Since I was a child, I had long hair that ...