Sarah Phillips

I’m a digital native who recently gave up the 9-5 work lifestyle.

Now I'm a freelance writer, building a portfolio. I'm interested in writing digital content on a variety of topics.

You’ll find me at [email protected]

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Write Better Emails, Get Better Results
6 days ago
I don't know about you, but I send and receive hundreds of emails every day—at least, it feels that way! Emails to colleagues, clients, suppliers, friends, and family are all whizzing across the inter...
3 Types of Trips You Might Spot on Your 2018 Travel Feed
a month ago
2017 was the year for me, along with my doting husband, to stretch our legs and explore the world. We visited an atlas-full of places, witnessed a camera-full of things, and met an address book (OK, F...
20,000 Lights in the Scottish Darkness
2 months ago
This winter a little bit of China popped up in the heart of Scotland. So, to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, and rounding out the end of my time in Scotland, I couldn't resist checking out th...
Ten Successful Subject Line Formulas to Try on Your Next Marketing Email
3 months ago
Finding the right subject line for your amazing email series can be hard. I get it. You want to create a sense of urgency to encourage your email subscribers to open and take action, but you don't wan...
What Is a Macro and Why Do I Care?
3 months ago
Whether you're watching your weight or trying to bulk up with muscle, you've probably hit the internet looking for help, suggestions, and information at least once. If your search has been anything li...
Pretty in Pink - Getting my Ruby Latte Fill at Elan Cafe, London
3 months ago
Every now and then I see something online and decide I want to try it. Pink Lattes are one of those things. Being a lover of all things Pink, London, Coffee & Cake dates, and the chance to try somethi...