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What is Zombie Fungi?
2 years ago
Have you ever had the thought that some humans are nothing more than a puppet on a string? I'm here to validate those thoughts. The cryptococcus fungus species can infect an organism and easily take o...
Space As You Know It Is A Lie
2 years ago
The Tenth Dimension is based on the idea that countless tiny "Superstrings" are vibrating in a tenth dimension. In order to begin to understand this theory, we have to first comprehensively question o...
What is Heterochromia?
2 years ago
Perhaps you've seen someone with different color eyes, or skin with different color pigmentation; this is most likely a condition called Heterochromia. The term derives from the Ancient Greek words "h...
Signals From Aliens?
2 years ago
For years, scientists have studied the possibility of extraterrestrial life with no success, but has proof just fallen into our laps? Newly published research suggests we just may not be alone out her...
Fluoride: America Has Been Conned
2 years ago
To understand the dangers lurking in our drinking water and toothpaste, we must first start in the very center of our brains: the pineal gland. This tiny gland has been a topic of discussion for many ...
Your Brain On Parasites
2 years ago
Have you ever wondered why some people have absolutely no fear? Or why some people come across as almost mechanically over-aggressive? It’s a very real possibility that their brain function and reason...