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Say No to Sugar Posers, Eat Real Fruit
5 months ago
Who wakes up refreshed and sails through a balanced day? No mood swings, no racing thoughts, no biting anxieties—only crystal clarity. Some of us are lucky enough to experience sporadic stretches of w...
Santa Took Shrooms
8 months ago
If you ever read fairy tales or played Super Mario before, then you've probably seen this red toadstool mushroom once or twice. However, you’ve probably never guessed that the Amenita Muscaria or Fly ...
False Vacuum Theory
a year ago
Coming to the realization that there just might be a "start over" button for the entire universe can be pretty unnerving... not knowing for sure whether the physics we use in our world today are legit...
I Just Want to Be Happy. Or Do I?
a year ago
As a society, we have accepted the belief that emotions disrupt rational thought, and any state other than happiness is a mental inconvenience or imbalance. This causes us to chase after pleasure, ins...
How Our Subconscious Controls Us
2 years ago
Theories of the unconscious mind varied widely between physiological groups, from the unconscious being a vault of traumatic memories, socially acceptable desires and painful emotions to the idea that...
How Cannabis Saved My Skin
2 years ago
With all this new overwhelming information and results from all aspects of the cannabis plant, it's becoming pretty hard to ignore at this point. Although it is technically still federally illegal, pe...