Samantha Bentley

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Born and Bred Londoner, Mother to baby Roman and my two pooches, Plant Eater, Yoga and Aerial Teacher + Learner, Music Maker... was once in Game Of Thrones, was once a Penthouse Pet, used to win awards for getting naked.

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Porn Sex Vs Real Sex
3 years ago
One of the questions I am frequently asked is how my partner copes with me doing porn. My answer is simple: "it’s a job." My personal sex life and my set sex life are both amazing, but for very differ...
Music to Get You in the Mood
3 years ago
Do you ever have your music on and start playing out the movie of your life, in your head, to the soundtrack of your Spotify playlist? Of course you do. I refuse to believe I'm the only person that do...
Threesome Tips
3 years ago
The perfect threesome is much like the white tiger. Rare. Think back upon all of your sexual conquests, how many of them were successful, enjoyable… perfect? Now imagine trying to recreate that chemis...
Bringing Back the Bush
3 years ago
When I first started in the business of removing my clothes for money (I include here my time during university when I worked as a dancer in London) I shaved my nether region completely bald. I wasn’t...
Why 'Game of Thrones' Loves Porn Stars
3 years ago
For such a widely viewed and, might I add, socially accepted show, there sure are a lot of tits and ass in Game of Thrones. And not just naked girls, but generally rough sex. Hold on a second, isn’t t...
Why Straight Girls Do Lesbian Porn
3 years ago
I love girls. Really, I do. I was sexually active with females long before men. My first orgasm was at the hand of my first "girlfriend." We were inseparable, adorable, ridiculously weird goths. We "h...