Sam Fogleman

Nomad, bookworm, idea man

Game On!
a year ago
A few years ago, I made a transition from teaching high school English to middle school. My first year was tough. I didn’t have my own classroom, so I moved from period to period with the students, al...
The Runner's Bookshelf
a year ago
The prospect of running long distances is intimidating. It's why we tend to heap praise on those who complete long journeys — because the power it takes to endure anything through pain is amazing. Oft...
The Press Isn't the Problem
a year ago
Hurling derogatory generalizations at the American press, heaping large amounts of hyperbole on agendas of all sorts, and outright lying when it’s most convenient have become common practices among Pr...
3 Apps That Could Revolutionize Your Running Routine
a year ago
If you’re looking for a boost to your running routine, it may be as simple as the technology you use. There are plenty of options in the app world for runners who want to see all information possible,...
The Books That Hooked Me
a year ago
A few years ago, I encountered the mother of someone I grew up with. After catching up, she remarked that she remembered me as the kid who, while the other kids were outside playing sports, was perfec...
A Rookie Backpacker's Guide to the Appalachian Trail
a year ago
If you’re someone who is pondering walking away from everything and heading out on the Appalachian Trail next spring, allow me to give you some advice from someone who did just that. The more you know...