Ry Lewis

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UK-based creative, filmmaker, artist and writer. 80s' Geek, Star Wars fan and cinephile.

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The Operator
2 months ago
Despite the sun radiating through his bedroom window and the sound of his sister’s laughter next door, Jackson was heartbroken. Even the aroma of cinnamon that wafted up from downstairs couldn’t raise...
The Tap
2 months ago
What was that theory? If a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? Well, Rabia was thinking of a similar one: if a girl is buried under rubble, can anyone hear her scream? Th...
All Men Must Die, but What Is Dead May Never Die
3 months ago
#VocalGOT I didn't find his body. All men must die. He never left us a note, but we knew why he had done it. All men must die. He was my hero in every sense, and I know heroes are just human. All men ...