• royallydramatic
    Published 6 months ago
    The Secret to Starbucks

    The Secret to Starbucks

    HEY guys! This blog will be everything that a basic white girl loves. I will do blogs on secret menu items for starbucks, top netflix shows and movies I am currently watching right now, amazing songs that will make you ten times happier than the average e-boy on tik tok and drinks from local coffee shops including starbucks that I made up myself and are enjoying at this current moment. Today's blog post will be about five drinks that I have enjoyed at Starbucks and that I have made up for myself. I hope you enjoy them, and leave a comment below if you try one of these creations and enjoy it. Also below there will be exact how to order it so that no one is confused. Do not worry, I have some experience with this. Thank you to all those who have followed the instagram, if you want to it is royallydramatic. Alright onto the actual blog.... thank you once again.