Rossana Candela

I write so I can support my dog.

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How I Moved Out of My Hometown
6 months ago
I've had a goal to move out of my hometown since I was around 16... I'm 22 now, boo. When you come from a very small town (2,000 people type small) with only one traffic light, two gas stations, have ...
Why the F*** Are You Still Watching 'Grey's?'
a year ago
Grey's Anatomy.. We all know the show—some of us a little too well. Whether you've watched since the beginning, began mid-way through, or have binged watched the series four times (guilty), we've all ...
Life of a Dog Mom
a year ago
Having a fur baby is a wonderful experience, but it can also be a hard one. Sure, it's easier than having an actual baby (considering you can't lock those in a cage when you want to leave the house for some alone time), but it's no walk in the park. When you make the commitment and take on the responsibility of a baby doggo, your life changes all the same.
9 Reasons You Should Never Eat at Chick-fil-A
a year ago
Since the first New York location finally opened its doors on Thursday in the Syracuse area, I felt it was only fair to review this establishment. I am warning you all that live nearby before making t...
The Day I Became a Dog Mom Changed My Life
a year ago
First things first: dogs > cats, all day. No one can convince me that cats are in any way better than dogs. And yes, I have a doggo. Everyone meet...
Funny, Crazy, Embarrassing Stories While Traveling: A Memoir
a year ago
Two months ago, my fiance Tyler and I went on a life-changing 2 week long European trip. While it was totally amazing, we are two certified goons who are sure to do some goofy stuff. And if we don't d...