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Robyn Gold

Robyn Gold is a creative and critical writer, teacher, and sci-fi/fantasy enthusiast!

She can be found at robyn_rayne_bowe on Instagram . . . however she's still learning how to work this foreign technological magic!

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    Published 9 months ago
    What the Women of Westeros Mean to Me

    What the Women of Westeros Mean to Me

    I have always been a firm believer in the magic of how the right book or series can seem to find a person when they are most in need of it. I, however, avoided the call of the Game of Thrones franchise for quite some time. Despite how many people assured me that I would enjoy the books and television show, I refused to watch it on the grounds of how much blood and violence I’d heard was in it. As a chronically ill and severely depressed person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder following a fatal car accident I had been in at the age of 15, I had a tendency to be extremely wary of anything I might find potentially triggering. That is, until a day came when I reached an ultimate low, when the circumstances of my life managed to get so bad that I was convinced nothing in this world could possibly trigger or upset me more than I already was. Seeking an escape in problems that were not my own, I began to binge read/watch the series and to my surprise what I found in its volumes was not triggering, but instead cathartic as defined in terms of Greek theatre: “The purification and purgation of emotions through art that results in renewal and restoration.” In other words, the show slowly but surely came to mean one thing to me: Healing. Through the plights of the show’s leading female protagonists in particular, I found a means to better process, understand, and ultimately overcome trauma of my own.