Rebekah Gilmour

I'm told I'm loud and confident, but in reality I'm just saying all the wrong things loudly and confidently. These are all the things I wish I was brave enough to say in person.

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'Thirteen Reasons Why...' Is Doing Damage
a month ago
*Preliminary warning: This article will address issues in relation to suicide and mental illness. If you think you may find this difficult to read, look after yourself and do what is best for your hea...
Meals You Can Make in Under Four Minutes for the Lazy, Starved, and Students
2 months ago
You come home from a long day of procrastinating, tired and famished with no motivation to do anything but obsessively watch Friends on Netflix, sadly engrossed in their lives to the point where you b...
Eliminate or Manage Insomnia, and Learn to Love It
2 months ago
It's 3:16 AM here, and despite the levels of savagery in my not-sarcastic sarcasm and my ability to function solely relying on my dependency of strong coffee, my body refuses to allow me the basic hum...
Positive Habits to Trump Mental Illness
3 months ago
Mental illness will either make or break you, to put it frankly. Knowing this is key to moving forward and pushing through it, rather than succumbing to its controlling tendencies—like I did, for a lo...
How to Process When the Person You Love Rejects You
3 months ago
When he looks at you, he could stop your heart beating in your chest. There is a connection, an undeniable connection, so much so that it overwhelms you the extent to which a person can hold a power o...
Why Depression Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to You
3 months ago
What comes to your mind when you consider depression? There are almost too many stereotypes. Top of the list: The All-Black, Soulless Goth. In second place, we have the person in full-time hibernation...