Raven Wade

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Raven loves to learn and express herself creatively, in addition to consuming others art and improving the quality of life for everyone

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5 Helpful Brain Hacks to Become a Math Whiz
a day ago
I grew up HATING math. I dreaded it every day and tried to avoid taking math courses wherever I could. Even during my first semester of college, I struggled through algebra. I just used the study guid...
The Top 10 Most Psycho Serial Killers
2 days ago
These ten men and women have terrorized people for many lifetimes. They go above and beyond what humanity knows to be pure evil. They redefine deranged and they strike fear into the bravest of people....
The Ultimate 6 Step Guide to Early Retirement
6 days ago
Life is hard enough as it is. Wouldn’t it be nice not worry about money? To receive a check automatically every month? The term retire is used very loosely, you could continue to work if you wanted. T...
President Trump Declares a National Emergency
9 days ago
President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, declared a national emergency over threats against American tech. He believes that certain telecommunications companies pose a national security ris...
19 days ago
I am my own worst enemy. Anxiety, who is so kin to me. She’s always there, too much to bare. She sits on my chest, establishing her nest. Anxiety my dear friend, Who keeps me prisoner in my thoughts. ...
How I Met the Love of My Life
22 days ago
There are few very distinct memories in my life. I remember the moment I learned to ride a bike, and to swim. I remember my first day of school. I remember these things so vividly. I remember the mome...