Rachel Blanchard

Does hot yoga, has 3 Yorkies and a hamster, and listens to John Mayer religiously.

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Hair and Makeup Lifehacks Every Girl Should Know
a year ago
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as the saying goes. In layman's terms, it means that some people will find you cute while others... will have their own opinions. There isn't much you can about th...
How to Get Rid of Pimple Scars
a year ago
Every day, millions of people suffer from the frustration and shame of having pimple scars. While the battle continues on in trying to find a powerful cure that can prevent one hundred percent of brea...
Best Superzoom Cameras of 2018
a year ago
While no one can argue that photography technology isn't getting better and better with each new smartphone release, professional photographers are not willing to set down their Nikon or Sony camera j...
10 Best Journals and Planners for Productivity
a year ago
I was the most disorganized person ever. I'd forget events, did last minute assignments, missed my appointments, and forgot literally everything else because work was taking over my life. It would usu...
Can Dogs Get Concussions?
a year ago
Whenever we hear about concussions, we immediately think about athletes because so many of them get concussions during games. But we're not the only ones at risk of getting one but dogs get concussion...
10 DIY Dog Collar Ideas Your Pooch Will Love
a year ago
There are so many collars out there that you can dress your adorable pooch in. There are collars you can buy, like spiked, shimmer, the best GPD dog tracking collars, or even leather collars that you ...