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Does hot yoga, has 3 Yorkies and a hamster, and listens to John Mayer religiously.

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The 11 Best Makeup Primers on the Market
5 days ago
Primers are the superhero that your makeup routine needed yesterday! Regardless of whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or blemishes, there is a primer out there for you. The best makeup primers shou...
11 Cute Dog Calendars You'll Adore
6 days ago
Give the gift of organization, dogs, and happiness all in one with cute dog calendars! The holidays are coming up, and it can be a pain trying to find great gifts that everyone is sure to enjoy. No ne...
The 11 Best Nail Polish Brands
8 days ago
The best nail polish brands will give you beautiful shades without chipping. If you’re painting your nails at home, the last thing you want is to have to redo it every other day. It takes time and eff...
10 Avant Garde Designers You Need to Know
2 months ago
Avant garde designers break the rules of what clothing is supposed to be, throwing design books for beginners to the wayside as they revolutionize the industry. When done right, it should shake the wo...
Must Have Summer Sandals in 2018
4 months ago
Summer sandals come in an array of options. Whether you’re in need of a dressy look, something a little more casual or just a new addition to your summer wardrobe, the possibilities are endless and th...
Gorgeous & Affordable Bridesmaids Dresses Your Friends Will Love to Wear in 2018
4 months ago
It's no secret that weddings can get expensive. From wedding photography to the food and venue and of course the dress and decor, those dollar signs, as well as your stress level, can add up. Finding ...