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'Happy Anniversary' - Review (Netflix)
19 days ago
Mollie (Noél Wells) and Sam (Ben Schwartz) are a couple seemingly in perfect sync. The night before their third anniversary, they are visiting Hao (Leonardo Nam) and Lindsay (Kate Berlant), a nauseati...
'The Princess Switch'
19 days ago
It is the end of May and, here in the UK, summer is struggling to appear. Somewhat overwhelmed by the violence and darkness of some of the content I have been watching on Netflix of late, I decided to...
'We Need To Talk' - Review
23 days ago
Nuria (Michelle Jenner) is in love with Jorge (Hugo Silva), a dashing young man with an entrepreneurial spirit. They get married, and wanting to impress her parents, Patricia (Verónique Forqué) and Mi...
'Furie' - a Review (Netflix)
23 days ago
Hai Phuong (Veronica Ngo) is a single mother bringing up her daughter, Mai (Cat Vy) in a small village in Vietnam. She earns money as a debt collector for a local businesswoman, a variation on the sam...
24 days ago
Would you like to double your wage? Even treble? Then remember that in your life, you’re the pebble Few things will happen that are out of your control That will test you, frustrate and make you feel ...
'Maria' - Review (Netflix)
25 days ago
Maria (Cristina Reyes) was a top assassin for Ricardo De la Vega’s (Freddie Webb) Black Rose crime syndicate, under the name of Lily. Seven years before she had told Kaleb (Germaine De Leon) a fellow ...