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'All Is Well' - Review (Netflix)
10 days ago
Janne (Aenne Schwarz) and Piet (Andreas Dohler) are a couple of thirty-something, struggling writers. They are planning to move out of the city and are doing up an old house. Janne meets an old friend...
'I Am Mother' - Review (Netflix)
10 days ago
A robot (body—Luke Hawker, voice—Rose Byrne) lives alone in a vast bunker. The bunker has been built to sustain life, and contains over sixty thousand human embryos. The robot selects one, a female, a...
'Departures' - Review (Netflix)
12 days ago
Asa Butterfield is a terrible dancer. Truly, truly awful. Or at least Calvin, the character he plays in Netflix’s Departures is. Calvin is a hypochondriac working as a baggage handler in an airport. S...
'The Princess Bride' - (Netflix)
16 days ago
I watch a lot of films, a lot. I have always loved film and television and, though it is impossible to see everything—I have to work after all—I have seen a fair few films. Having said that, there are...
The Perfect Romance - Review
17 days ago
Oh my lord. A true contender for the worst film on Netflix. Alien Warfare is terrible and currently holds the title, in my opinion, of the worst film on Netflix. Peelers is a worthy challenger, a film...
'Always Be My Maybe' - Review
18 days ago
Chinese-American, Sasha (Ali Wong) and Korean-American, Marcus (Randall Park) have been friends since childhood. Sasha, a latchkey kid, always spent her time at Marcus’ parents, Harry (James Saito) an...