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'Agatha Christie and the Truth of Murder'—A Review (Netflix)
2 months ago
Florence Nightingale Shore (Stacha Hicks) takes a train journey and is bludgeoned by a strange man after a brief conversation. She dies four days later. So begins Agatha Christie and the Truth of Murd...
'Alien Warfare'–A Review (Netflix)
2 months ago
It was calling me; when a film registers two point four on IMDB, it is begging to be reviewed. Begging I tell ya! The opening credits, which looked like they were knocked up on a budget PC, are woeful...
'Unicorn Store' - A Review (Netflix)
2 months ago
If you are a fan of the MCU (like me), and watch a lot of the press and promotional stuff online, in the run-up to an upcoming release, you may have noticed an unlikely friendship develop between a co...
'The Silence' - A Review (Netflix)
2 months ago
How did Stanley Tucci end up in this? He needs to speak to his agent. Not that the rest of the cast cannot act, they undoubtedly can. John Corbett—a name not as well known as Tucci’s, but an actor who...
The Trap–a Review (Netflix)
2 months ago
It must seem like I try to find awful films to review. Honestly, I really do not. Unfortunately, I decided to watch "The Trap." Where to start, where to start. I am writing this as I watch the film, b...
'The Breaker Upperers' A Review
2 months ago
Mel (Madeleine Sami) and Jen (Jackie Van Beek) are a couple of friends who run The Breaker Upperers, providing a service for individuals who are too afraid to break up with their partners or spouses i...