Patrick Boniface

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The First True Disc Jockey
7 months ago
If hero worship is being inspired by someone’s deeds to emulate them in your workplace, then perhaps I am living proof of the work of Alan Freed. I am a disc jockey, a poor comparison, however, to the...
The Chinese Lucky Cat
8 months ago
What is the story behind the Chinese lucky cat that waves at you when you order your Chicken Noodle Soup? We’ve all seen it as we get our Chinese take away meal. You’re waiting for the meal and on the...
Aerial Combat Ace: Werner Voss
8 months ago
Had Werner Voss survived the legendary dogfight on September 23, 1917 he could have gone on to rival his friend and colleague Richthofen as the greatest of all German World War One combat aces. As it ...
Aerial Combat Ace: Rene Paul Fonck
8 months ago
The title of best of the Allied pilots in World War One rests on the shoulders of Frenchman Colonel Rene Paul Fonck, who succeeded in destroying 75 enemy aircraft during the conflict. In the confusion...
Aerial Combat Ace: Philip Fletcher Fullard
8 months ago
Military aviation in the First World War was in its infancy and the history of the conflict is filled with accounts of men who should have achieved greatness but for that moment of pure bad luck, one ...
Aerial Combat Ace: Joseph Christopher McConnell Jr.
8 months ago
Many American aerial aces started their careers during the Second World War and ended them in the heat and conversely the harsh cold of the Korean peninsula, one such pilot was Joseph Christopher McCo...