Patrick Boniface

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Aerial Combat Ace: Philip Fletcher Fullard
3 hours ago
Military aviation in the First World War was in its infancy and the history of the conflict is filled with accounts of men who should have achieved greatness but for that moment of pure bad luck, one ...
Aerial Combat Ace: Joseph Christopher McConnell Jr.
2 days ago
Many American aerial aces started their careers during the Second World War and ended them in the heat and conversely the harsh cold of the Korean peninsula, one such pilot was Joseph Christopher McCo...
Gas Lighting
4 days ago
Have you been gas-lighted? If you have, you'll probably be questioning why? You might even be questioning your sanity too. Why is this? Firstly, let me explain what gaslighting is. It is not how you l...
Aerial Combat Ace: Ernst Udet
4 days ago
Many of the great wartime pilots of the First World War that survived those four years of savage conflict would go on to serve in the Second World War; but some like Ernst Udet, were unprepared for th...
Aerial Combat Ace: Erich Hartmann
6 days ago
During the Second World War, Allied pilots came to know of Erich Hartmann through his daring and his skill as a fighter pilot. Such was his status that his comrades called him Bubi, but to the Soviets...
Aerial Combat Ace: Edward Mannock
8 days ago
Legends of aerial combat were created during the First World War, but to be recognised as such you needed a certain image with the High Command. Edward ‘Mick’ Mannock was a superb pilot and destroy si...