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'Game of Thrones' Thoughts
2 days ago
Well, the title says it all. Another rant or rave about GOT S8, right? Wrong. Well, partially right. Since it has been about a month since the final episode aired I've had time to reflect on the serie...
Ranting, Venting, Etc
7 days ago
I don't know where to begin. I am just feeling... off. Have you ever moved in with a significant other or loved one, and just hated it? I mean it's not like the area you live in is bad, but everything...
The Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 5)
21 days ago
"I adelfí sou tha érthei sýntoma edó! Your sister will be here anytime now!" a woman shouted running back and forth as servants tried to clean around her, "This is a first in what? Fifty? Sixty years?...
Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 4)
25 days ago
Decisions, decisions, Pandora thought waiting for her jet to arrive. Stay and play, or go? She shook her head in heated frustration. It was time. She had been dreading it for so long, but she couldn't...
Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 3)
a month ago
"So, you barge in here and want to know about Pandora, yes?" Darien said, turning his chair around at the head of the boardroom table. "Yes! What is she?! And what ARE you?!" Jonah shouted from across...
Reality of Living in My World (Ch. 2)
a month ago
She made her way down the corridor of her headquarters. Pandora never remained in one place longer than a week, but this was the exception. She built this place from the ground up. No help, no fuss, n...