Owen McGrattan

Writer @ The Unbalanced (@ItheunbalancedI). Fan of all things baseball, especially the Giants. Student at UC Berkeley.

Ozzie Albies: Atlanta's Future at Second
11 minutes ago
(Stats as of 9/18) It's well-known that the Braves have been rebuilding for awhile and have accumulated the best farm system in baseball. Headlined by a wealth of arms and arguably the best prospect, ...
Unbalanced Trade Deadline Series: Gerrit Cole
8 days ago
We are in full swing this trade season! After the relatively surprising bombshell that was the Jose Quintana trade, the relative price has been set on starting pitching (pssst, it’s pretty high). Whil...
Mike Trout: Pull Hitting Monster
8 days ago
Surprise! Mike Trout is still the best player in baseball. He’s missed a month due to injury and is still a strong candidate to comeback and win the AL MVP award in a year when Aaron Judge is mashing ...
The Dodgers: Kings of Weak Contact
8 days ago
The Dodgers have been the best pitching staff in baseball this year. They lead the league in fWAR amongst starting and relief pitchers, and they’ve been rolling through teams. They do all the things y...
It’s Time to Start Giving Zack Godley Your Attention
8 days ago
Earlier in a post I wrote as the D-Backs were looking more and more like legitimate contenders, I highlighted Zack Godley as someone who was having a good deal of success. The Arizona rotation is stro...
Robbie Grossman or Joey Votto?
8 days ago
First off the answer is Joey Votto regardless of whatever question I was going to ask. But lets play a little game. Can you tell me which of these two players is Robbie Grossman based on these plate d...