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Outpost 31LV is a community builder for the horror genre with a focus on putting creators in the spotlight. All pieces are the work of Mark LoProto, professional content writer and owner of Outpost 31LV.
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Weird and Pissed Off Mini-Reviews Vol. 3
7 days ago
From the peaks of the great pyramids of Egypt to the sleepy (and fictional) town of Ipswich, OR, this week's selection of movies had me traveling across the globe. I spied on neighbors and trekked thr...
Weird and Pissed Off Mini-Reviews Vol. 2
14 days ago
Whether they're clawing through the soil to get our brains or their thirst for blood is created in a lab, there is one constant with zombies - they're scary. Really, they are. Imagine a horde of unthi...
Weird and Pissed Off Mini-Reviews Vol. 1
21 days ago
Navigating the seemingly endless library of horror entertainment is a chore that so few want to take on. Dozens of movie streaming services, a myriad of independent developers, and fairly unrestricted...
Making Monsters
22 days ago
It’s unlikely that the settlers of the Southern Nevada desertscape expected a museum of horrors to become a cornerstone of their peaceful early-20th-century city. Yet 88 years later, a decorated hears...
'Resident Evil 2': MZSA
25 days ago
Can you remember the last time you were filled with so much fear that your heart pounded in your chest? Your eyesight grew blurry and your hands trembled? You prayed for the moment to pass so you coul...
'Terrordrome: Reign of the Legends' Summons Our Favorite Monsters and More
8 months ago
It all started with a simple concept: What if the horror legends that haunt our nightmares faced off in an arena, going machete-to-chainsaw with one another in a bloody battle for supremacy? The team at Huracan Studios brought the idea to life, arguably better than New Line Cinema did with 2003’s Freddy vs. Jason, with a roster of 13 horror greats in Terrordrome: Rise of the Boogeymen.