Olivia Amber

Completely invested in the makeup industry. Find me on the couch watching YouTube tutorials and drinking wine.

Best Long Lasting Blushes You Can Get Right Now
a year ago
Blush is an underrated step in beauty routines, and deserves much more appreciation than it gets. People underestimate the glow and warmth that a simple blush can add to their face. Plus, they pull to...
Best Purple Shampoos for Blonde Hair to Use
a year ago
These top ten best purple shampoos for blonde hair will leave your hair looking refreshed, vibrant, natural, and most importantly, re-toned with each wash. The purple coloring of the shampoos countera...
My Worst Date Story: The One Where His Cousin Almost Beat Me Up
a year ago
Don't worry, there is a bit of a happy ending to this horror story. And though it's not completely filled with lighthearted funny moments, I find that discovering the humor in this scenario to be extr...
Best Contour Makeup Brush Sets You Can Get Right Now
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Contouring has been one of the most popular crazes in the beauty community within recent years. Though the craze has died down some, it is still a relevant trend within any beauty routine. To achieve ...
Best Eye Creams for Under Eye Bags
a year ago
Everyone has dealt with puffy under eyes the morning after receiving zero sleep. But there are products to prevent this, even if you sleep a total of seven hours in one week. We have to admit that a l...
Perfect Gifts for the Animal Rights Activist in Your Life
a year ago
Animal rights activists build their lifestyle around their beliefs, and that's why giving them a gift can be easy, when you keep this in mind. These gifts for the animal rights activist in your life i...