Natasha Doster

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Arctic Blast
a year ago
Cold, dark, and distant I start to feel in this relationship. I don't understand, Why you keep hiding things from me? You can never be open and honest with me. Every time I want to spend time together...
Falling in Love
a year ago
My heart starts beating so fast. I feel my heart melt tender as you hold me my arms. I can’t stop blush as you pick up like rag dolls and push my thighs against your body. My hand caresses your chest....
At First Sight
a year ago
I remember the first time we met. You were drunk on steps of a party. The only thing I could think about who is this handsome guy on steps. The second time we met. I wonder should I talk to you since ...
Summer Romance
a year ago
It is nothing holding me back. The way that I feel. You took my icy cold heart and warm it up. You took my dull soul and set a spark of fire. What we have not just romance but passion and intimacy You...
Empowering Strong Women
a year ago
I'm 30 years old. I know exactly who I am. I am proud of all my accomplishments at my age. I have a beautiful house, car, daughter, and I'm retired. No one can ever tell me that I depend on a man. I h...