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Identity: Queer Empath and HSP 

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I am a gifted writer 

loves blackness


Alicia Garza

humble peaceful folks.

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My Thoughts After New Orleans
8 days ago
Was it in this place of Who Dat's, ghosts of flood victims, or Black eccentric pride that I learned that I am natural? I recall rubbing my light yellow skin, untouched by the 97 degree heat of the nin...
Who Needs This
23 days ago
The way we see each other Down weeping, shoulders slouching low, a vulture dripping its peak into breaking golden flesh. Our emotions parting like shredded pork. Our bodies the bread between meaty blo...
Calming the Crazy
2 months ago
Pause... for just a few minutes. Take a deep breath and let the breath come into your body, hold it for four seconds and then release. Try to do this one more time preferably sitting down. I love this...
Makeup Routine for Tomboys
2 months ago
I started wearing makeup when I was 21 years old. As a woman I KNOW that is a very late start. I was never the one to gloss over my face, or blend, or compact something in my face. I actually had "bad...
Who Is Sister Sadie?
2 months ago
So I know the reference "Sister Sadie" from the Nina Simone song "Mississippi Goddam." It has the line "Yes, you lied to me all these years you told me to wash and clean my ears, and talk real fine ju...
Oh Where Do the Broken Promises Go?
3 months ago
One more time to feel that rushing blush. Tension crawls up your belly tickling a full body twitch. If one glance could make my words go mute a palm could make my eyes blurry Mist like the tears of th...