Morgan E. Westling

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How to Handle a Boss Who Hates You
a month ago
Dealing with a boss who hates you is one of the worst positions to find yourself in. Whether you made a mistake at work and now you’re suffering the consequences of your actions, or even worse, you've...
Best Soccer Autobiographies
a month ago
Some of the best soccer autobiographies have been written not only by soccer players, but also by coaches and managers who have participated in this beautiful game and helped form the playing career o...
10 Heartbreaking Books About WWII
a month ago
World War II was a traumatic time in the history of the human race, but if you don't have quite the right stomach for the best war movies streaming right now, then there are many heartbreaking books a...
11 Kitchen Cleaning Products That Will Change the Way You Clean Up
a month ago
Don’t make cleaning harder than it has to be. Kitchen cleaning products should keep soap scum at bay, make your stainless steel perfectly polished, and have your kitchen looking spotless all year roun...
10 Honeymoon Destinations for Nature Lovers
a month ago
Going on your honeymoon is one of the most exciting times in your life. You and your new spouse are embarking on your first trip together as a married couple, and if you’re the type of honeymooner tha...
10 Books About the Civil War That Will Make You Rethink Everything
a month ago
Books about the Civil War can help us discuss issues of race and reunion, and try to rethink the war in modern times. It’s always interesting to hear the difference in perspective between the soldiers...