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Why Marvel Movies Beat DC Comics Movies
18 days ago
The Marvel movies beat DC comics movies for a variety of reasons. Marvel studios has worked consistently over the years to create superhero movies that fans love, and their dedication to their craft s...
10 Reasons Why People Love Iron Man
23 days ago
When the Iron Man character was originally created, Stan Lee intended for the billionaire playboy to be one that everybody hated. His unpredictable nature and sarcasm were supposed to be something tha...
10 Reasons Why People Love Thor
25 days ago
If you’ve ever watched any of the Marvel films so far, you’ve definitely noticed Thor and all his glory. Played by one of the hottest superhero actors, Chris Hemsworth, this superhero is absolutely im...
Top 10 Deadliest Marvel Characters
a month ago
Some of the best parts of superhero movies are those intense action scenes where superheroes and villains fight to the death. Whether fans are reading through origin stories or are watching the Avenge...
Who Is Captain Marvel?
a month ago
The buzz from the new movie Captain Marvel, which is hitting theaters March 8th, is just now erupting in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Many people who are fans of the Marvel movies, but were ne...
The 10 Best Bubblers You Can Buy on Amazon
a month ago
You might be surprised at the amount of bubblers you can buy on Amazon. You don't need to run off to get a new one from your nearest smoke shop, which might not be very near at all. There are so many ...