Monsoor Ali

I am a father, teacher, writer, producer, artist, activist, and student of life...
Based in Washington DC. 

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A Ghost Amongst the Soulless
6 months ago
He walks slowly down gentrified streets In shoes a half a size too small Watching ghosts shuck, jive, and slap five Remembering a time when it was cool to be black Now all the faces are blank Emotionl...
Reflections of Life
6 months ago
A Collection of Short Poems
A Collection of Shorts
6 months ago
3 Short Poems
8 months ago
Like tender bites of apple pie Or berries soaked in gin I taste the sweetness of your mouth So pure like childish sin I fall into a wave of heat As colors flood the mind Like red and gold and purple h...
Righteous Lust
8 months ago
Smooth, tender, silky heaven Pressed against me hard With sinful intentions Electric wet friction Rising temperatures Frantic hands and clumsy lips Fast, I dive into a world of Passion and pleasure, U...