Monsoor Ali

I am a father, teacher, writer, producer, artist, activist, and student of life...
Based in Washington DC. 

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A Ghost Amongst the Soulless
8 months ago
He walks slowly down gentrified streets In shoes a half a size too small Watching ghosts shuck, jive, and slap five Remembering a time when it was cool to be black Now all the faces are blank Emotionl...
Reflections of Life
8 months ago
A Collection of Short Poems
A Collection of Shorts
8 months ago
3 Short Poems
10 months ago
Like tender bites of apple pie Or berries soaked in gin I taste the sweetness of your mouth So pure like childish sin I fall into a wave of heat As colors flood the mind Like red and gold and purple h...
Righteous Lust
10 months ago
Smooth, tender, silky heaven Pressed against me hard With sinful intentions Electric wet friction Rising temperatures Frantic hands and clumsy lips Fast, I dive into a world of Passion and pleasure, U...