Miss Aayden

When I am not reading or taking pictures I am writing. I spend my time with my dogs or in the realm of kink. Just a girl with a kinky side on a quest to educate. You can also find my posts on my blog www.calgarydomme.com

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Active Energetic Consent
a month ago
There are 4 types of consent within our society and I have listed and defined them below. It is so important now, more than ever, that we look at how we see consent. This needs to be a topic of conver...
Fringe Fetishes: Daddy Dom, Mommy Domme and Their Littles
a month ago
What does it really mean to be in this type of relationship? This type of Dynamic really falls on the fringe of BDSM. It’s not a mainstream fetish at all. The fringe only means that it is not the root...
An Empowered Erotic Persona
7 months ago
We all have fantasies, and in that fantasy we create a version of ourselves that embodies sensual or an erotic being that we are not afraid to be. Whether we are dominant or submissive, playful or fli...
Fringe Fetishes: Adult Breastfeeding Relationships
a year ago
My first question when thinking about this very topic is, “Why do we consume another animal’s milk when humans can make their own compatible source?” It is so hard to understand or fathom that it is a...
BDSM Basics: How To Find a Kinky Partner in 9 Steps
a year ago
Let me guess, you’re expecting a very short and easy list. Well this isn't it. I work within the confines of reality and society so this means there is some leg work to do before you head out on your ...
Spontaneous Loving
a year ago
For years I thought that intimacy was sex and that the connection or bond was emotion. Somehow, I was failing to see that two are bound together like a helix. The two woven together and around each ot...