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Topics About Fate
3 months ago
Are we truly destined to be with one person? We often hear the saying, "You only fall in love once in your lifetime," and yet most, if not all people fall in love at least more than once in their live...
Mimo Reviews: 'The Favourite' (2018)
3 months ago
NOTE: As I am largely unfamiliar with this period in British history, I will only be commenting on the work as is and not on the particular historical depictions featured in it. I enjoy family movie n...
The Challenge of Being Yourself
4 months ago
It's possible to unintentionally appear inauthentic as you're figuring out who you are. But there's a way to avoid that. Make you about you, and them about them.
Friendships that Don't Last: My Thoughts
4 months ago
The only thing that separates friendship from romance is the degree to which people are intimate with one another, especially where having children together is concerned. Otherwise, I reckon that frie...
Guilty Pleasures Shouldn't Feel So Guilty
4 months ago
I've come to realise over the years that there's nothing wrong with me enjoying activities or media others might (key word being might) find utterly preposterous or a waste of time. As long as I don't...
Toronto Theatre Review: 'The Last Ship' (2019)
4 months ago
It had been almost two years since I wrote a theatre review as a critic for The Theatre Reader before the magazine was discontinued, and I'd been truly missing those near-regular theatre going days. A...