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Topics About Love
5 months ago
What happens when you come to terms with your feelings: Most, if not all people will have their own way of coping with falling in love. Here, I'll explain mine: I do absolutely nothing about it. Exter...
Topics About Success
5 months ago
Short Answers to Success-Related Questions
Seasonal Wardrobe Malfunction: An Epidemic
5 months ago
We're almost into the second week of March and it's still somehow colder now than it was in December, January, and February combined, despite weather networks claiming it'll get warmer from here on ou...
The Networking Society: A Short Essay
5 months ago
This is a short response I was required to write during my academic writing assessment as part of my master’s program application last month. I am happy to report that I received a perfect score on it...
Topics About Fate
6 months ago
Are we truly destined to be with one person? We often hear the saying, "You only fall in love once in your lifetime," and yet most, if not all people fall in love at least more than once in their live...
Mimo Reviews: 'The Favourite' (2018)
6 months ago
NOTE: As I am largely unfamiliar with this period in British history, I will only be commenting on the work as is and not on the particular historical depictions featured in it. I enjoy family movie n...