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I'm just your average, everyday word chimp that loves entertainment media and anything creative. Happy Reading!

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Quote of the Day: Chicks and Ostriches
a month ago
"If you're going to call me a chick, Then I'm just going to call you an ostrich." One day, as I was sorting through my boxes at home Filled with old schoolwork, scrapbooks, greeting cards, and photogr...
"Cyberguys": A Rant
a month ago
"Cyberguys," as I like to call them, Never fail to amaze me. Kudos to the ones who are actually brave enough To come up to me and try their luck at flirting face-to-face. But I've noticed during my (w...
Ready for an Ugly Sweater Party!
a month ago
Now before you go about calling me a spoiled and ungrateful child, I must stress that I truly appreciate conventional gifts. Handmade, even. In fact, I’m happy with anything I receive; At least I know...
'Young, Broke and Talented' (2015) Is Progressive, Raw, and Unapologetic
a month ago
This is a book review I wrote for the Toronto Public Library with regards to the anthology book that I had contributed a submission to several years ago called Young, Broke and Talented. If you would ...
My Thoughts on 'Asagao Academy': All Route Endings
2 months ago
1. Satch's Endings Welcome to yet another new series where I discuss Illus Seed's debut visual novel, Asagao Academy, which also happens to be the first visual novel I had ever played. So to preface t...
Quote of the Day: Bodies Have Minds
2 months ago
"Go as far as your body will allow, always leaving it thinking that it could do more. Don't leave it thinking that it can't be overexerting yourself, or you'll just give up altogether." I actually tho...