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Why I Love Lacus Clyne ('Mobile Suit Gundam SEED' and 'Gundam SEED Destiny')
5 days ago
Of all the Gundam series available, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED—and its sequel, Gundam SEED Destiny—seem to be the least popular among North American anime enthusiasts. I personally enjoyed the episodes I...
Why Didn't Cyborg ('Teen Titans') End Up with Anyone?
6 days ago
Note: I'm not including Sarah Simms in this discussion as I haven't read the comics. Anyone who's read my article about the animated series Teen Titans knows how much I appreciate what it did for chil...
Why I Love Lana Lang ('Smallville')
7 days ago
Note: This is not a comparison piece between Lana Lang and Lois Lane, or any of the other potential love interests in 'Smallville'. I don't believe in bringing down one character to bring up another. ...
First Impressions of 'The Falconers: Moonlight' (2017 Demo)
a month ago
Aside from E.K. Johnston's recently released Star Wars: Queen's Shadow, the only time in my life when I had a strong intuition that a novel of any sort would be good was when I first heard about Bioni...
Toronto Fringe Festival 2019: 'Mourning After The Night Before' Review
a month ago
TRIGGER WARNING: this performance contains depictions of, and discussions about, suicide and mental health. For educational resources about these subject matters, visit this website. In life, we often...
A Pretty Little Talk About 'Dirty Pretty Things'
2 months ago
For the longest time I didn't have a favourite movie, but rather a movie trilogy, and that was The Lord of the Rings. That all changed when I finally saw Stephen Frears' Dirty Pretty Things several ye...