Mike Guimond

  • Mike Guimond
    Published 5 months ago
    Send Me on My Way

    Send Me on My Way

    Whenever I start something like this, my mind reels on what I should even write about, how it should be written... I could go on, talk about how I'm trying to navigate my abysmal brain through the clouds of chaos... again there's many ways I could have started this off. I want to talk about what brewed it, the thunder, the lightning. It's funny to think that the latter actually comes before the former. Then again, in life, we don't always see what's coming. We hear it in our heads: our greatest fears. What we don't realize is, when we let them consume us, that is when they strike. It's troubling for me to even write about this because I haven't fully realized it myself yet. Those clouds become bigger when we're afraid of what we cannot control. The storm in my head, you must be wondering? It's raging more than it ever has. From within, down to my fingers, onto these keys, in front of my eyes... it drains from me all that needs to be, and lets the sun in. As I say this, the sun illuminates the world outside my window. It's a state of mind we all wish we had, but no one is free from the storms that life creates. It's a struggle for me to get these words out, but I already told you that. Maybe I'm too nervous, thinking my voice won't be heard, or at least not in the right way. It might not be satisfying for me, but isn't that the snake-eating-its-tail all writers face? Facing it. That's what I'm doing right now. So enough being scatterbrained... here goes nothing (that has many meanings to me right now, but maybe I'll go into that later).